When visiting the Napa Valley and deciding where to do wine tours it can be overwhelming with the number of winery options today. One winery that is a beloved partner winery is Bouchaine Vineyards.

Bouchaine Vineyards

Bouchaine is the oldest continuously operating winery in the Carneros, a region located at the foot of Napa Valley, bordering San Francisco Bay. Over the years, now expanding its vineyards to over 100 acres, Bouchaine has built a thriving, sustainable, family-owned estate, producing extraordinary Burgundian wines that have garnered a high number of great scores and accolades for a winery of its small size.
Members and guests come not only for Bouchaine’s gorgeous wines, but also for its many events and experiences available throughout the year….

Music and Wine

Bouchaine’s connection with music runs as deep as their vines. Benefactors of the Youth Music Series at the Festival Napa Valley each year, Bouchaine has opened its new hilltop visitors’ center, where guests will be treated with fine music on a beautiful concert piano in Bouchaine’s new tasting room, tastefully accompanied, of course with fine Bouchaine wines!

Falconry Experience

Manned with a lively tasting of great Bouchaine wines, guests are taken to the top of Bouchaine’s estate vineyard with its panoramic views, where they enjoy an intimate experience with falcons, hawks, and owls, who swoop through the air and alight on guests’ gloved arms. Guests there learn about the hunting habits, flying skills, and habitat roles of different raptors in the wild, as well as how these birds of prey are vital to Bouchaine’s environmental bird abatement program.

Chocolate Cooking Classes

Guests enjoy a fun, informative, and interactive experience learning to make chocolate, pairing wine with chocolate, even taking home their own box of chocolates! Classes are conducted exclusively by Wendy Sherman, former chocolatier at the French Laundry and now owner at Napa Valley’s famed La Foret.

Star Gazing

Arriving at sunset, guests view the heavens, including the Milky Way and the planets, as Bouchaine’s star-gazing team trains its powerful telescope on the night sky, while guests are warmed with an array of stellar Bouchaine wines!

Dog Walks

Not only is Bouchaine dog-friendly year-round, guests can enjoy Sunday morning dog walks in the vineyards on many weekends throughout the year as they are invited to bring their favorite four-legged friend to experience Bouchaine’s vineyards in the morning…and to learn why the Carneros region is so unique for the growing of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the wines that Bouchaine lovers love best!