At Platypus Wine Tours, our tour guides are fully equipped with industry knowledge, wine passion, and some writing skills –  at least, in Andy Hyman’s case. Andy has been a tour guide with us for many years, and with his extensive experience in providing thousands of visitors with memorable and educational tours, he has written a book in hopes of educating a few thousand more! This Napa winery tour guide has a lot to say. Interested? Check out his book!

“Snob Free Wine Tasting Companion” is a journey through wine tasting. For those of us who didn’t grow up in a wine region or study oenology, wine-speak and the tasting world can be pretty intimidating. Andy is able to bridge the gap between the wine world and the average Joe by writing in plain-speak! Finally, someone who talks to us (not down on us) about wine and the Napa wine tasting process.
Whether you’re planning a trip to wine country, attending a tasting event like a Napa wine tasting, or just want to converse with your wine smart friends, this book makes it easy to understand the lingo and industry.
What Will You Uncover in “Snob Free Wine Tasting Companion”?
Information about what to expect at wineries and what you should ask. Learn about how wine goes from vine to bottle and what wine labels can tell us. Discover convenient information like how to get your wine purchases home from out of town and (most importantly) how to pair foods and wine. That means cheese and chocolate – delicious!
Your Napa winery tour will be completely different with a base of information from this book. Andy highlights what it’s like to experience a Napa wine tasting and Napa winery tour so you’ll be prepared.
Now Experience the Book in Real Life with a Snob-Free Napa Winery Tour
After brushing up on your Napa wine tasting and wine industry facts, join us for a world-class Napa winery tour! Choose between our many tour options through Sonoma, Napa, and more. Make friends along the way and enjoy the wisdom and fun-spirited edge of our snob-free tour guides during your Napa wine tasting!
We hope to see you on our next Napa winery tour and Napa wine tasting events. Buy “Snob Free Wine Tasting Companion” for yourself or gift it to your friends in time for your wine country trip! Who knows, maybe Andy will be your guide and you can tell him all about what you learned from his book!