The beauty and style of Napa Valley wineries are remarkable and highly diverse.  From the charming family-owned boutique wineries to the much larger historic chateaux, visitors marvel at the broad selection of wineries during a tour.

Napa Valley alone, there are over 400 wineries currently operating along the 30-mile length of the valley, each offering different styles, philosophies, and attractions. Some have art galleries, gardens, picnic areas, and scenic views to enhance your visit and provide a well-rounded experience.

Winery Tours for Wine Lovers

A well-organized tour of Napa Valley wineries will provide insight into how each operates.

Since the area boasts many diverse microclimates and soil types, the grapes drawn from the vineyards will differ in ways best represented in the wines produced. The unique terroirs or growing conditions of the region produce varietals that influence the flavors of the wines. A Cabernet Sauvignon made from the grapes of the Oakville District will differ noticeably from ones sourced from the Mount Veeder AVA, for example.

Visitors should explore several of the AVAs and wineries of the region to get a better understanding of the differences. Only 30 miles long and narrow, Napa Valley produces an incredible range of world-class wines. And these are very accessible with well-planned and executed winery tours.

Napa Valley winery tours can incorporate visits to well-known favorites and fascinating, lesser-known hidden gems that will surprise you. You will discover tastings in some rustic cellars or elegant wine and food pairings in others. Each is different in their style, look, and the wines they present.

Wine Tasting for Beginners

Make reservations for each wine tasting. Acknowledge the tasting fees, even for the guided tours you may join. In many instances, purchasing a certain amount of wine to take home will eliminate those tasting charges.

Here are some tips for participating in your wine tastings during your Napa Valley wine tour:

  • Swirl the wine in the glass to aerate and release the aromas.
  • Hold the wineglass by the stem, not the bowl.
  • Inhale deeply to get the aroma characteristics of the wine before sipping.
  • Sip and swirl the liquid to coat all the mouth’s surfaces.
  • Take more than one sip since your perception may change with subsequent tastes.
  • In a tasting room, spitting is always permitted. It would be best to spit after each sip to keep from getting intoxicated.

Remember to pace yourself along the way. Not spitting can affect your senses early on, especially when there are three or more Napa Valley wineries on your tour. Be cautious.

Touring Napa Valley Wineries with Platypus Wine Tours

Play it safe and reserve a spot on a well-organized, comfortable, and utterly safe tour as you travel to three boutique Napa Valley wineries.  Travel through the Valley in a comfortable, well-maintained vehicle that allows you to enjoy the magnificent views, comment on the expanse of the vineyards, marvel at the beautiful wineries, listen to the interesting commentary from the tour host, and soak up the fantastic experience.

You may sign up for a join-in tour or plan your private one by visiting the Platypus Wine Tours website.

Phone Platypus Wine Tours at 707-253-2713 with any additional questions or to organize your private tour. The experience is one you will never forget.