The ultimate educational experience, professional Napa wine tours with a landmark wine tour company, is always the answer. With a knowledgeable guide, even an experienced wine-lover can benefit from the insights and commentary that demystify some of the elements surrounding the winemaking process, including the impact of terroir on the grapes and all the nuances in wine varietals.

Take a tour behind the scenes to unlock many of the secrets, highlighting the exclusive access that expert-led tours provide. These may include direct interaction with winemakers, private tastings, and cellar tours.

A well-planned Napa Valley wine tour can provide a deeper understanding of the winemakers’ craft while enjoying the many unique characteristics of each wine.

Tasting the Wines

Make sure you employ the best techniques for tasting wine, as shared by the wine experts during your Napa wine tours. These approaches will help participants appreciate the nuances of the wines, including the remarkable aromas and flavors. Learning about pairing the right foods and wines is also a key objective to be discovered.

Here are some of the basic techniques to explore the wines during a Napa Valley wine tour:

  • Swirl the wine in the glass to aerate and release the aromas.
  • Hold the wineglass by the stem, not the bowl.
  • Inhale deeply to get the aroma characteristics of the wine before sipping.
  • Sip and swirl the liquid to coat all the mouth’s surfaces.
  • Take more than one sip since your perception may change with subsequent tastes.

Spitting after each taste is encouraged, especially when several wines are to be tasted.

Private Tours with Platypus Wine Tours

Join-in tours are exciting and educational. But perhaps you may want to schedule a smaller, more intimate private tour to match your preferences and focus more on the tasting process.

A private tour with Platypus Wine Tours can be more advanced than usual, allowing you to focus on specific varietals and winemaking styles. You can also enjoy the scenery that your chosen wineries might offer.

Commentary by an expert tour host from Platypus Wine Tours can be highly enlightening also. You will have a chance to understand the rich history of Napa Valley’s wineries, estates, and founding families that these experts can offer during your tour. This information can add considerable depth to your Napa Valley wine tour knowledge.

Reserve Your Private Napa Wine Tours with Platypus

Comfortable, scenic, educational, and even inspirational, Napa Valley wine tours with Platypus are your best choice. When you reserve your place, discuss your objectives, and experience the tour, Platypus Wine Tours will always be prepared to meet all your goals.

A premier Napa wine tour company, Platypus Wine Tours accepts reservations from individuals and groups for join-in or private tours that will address your expectations and more.

Visit the Platypus website to make tour reservations for an upcoming wine tour. And the professionals at Platypus are also available to discuss all your preferences by phone at 707-253-2723.