Now this may come as a surprise, but did you know that Valentine’s Day has a close relative in terms of special holidays designated for celebrating love? That’s right! Set a calendar reminder because Friday, April 23rd is known as National Lover’s Day and what better way to celebrate than with a Sonoma or Napa winery tour. This day is another fun holiday for showing your significant other and loved one how special they are and to express love to each other. Now while others may not like the mainstream and cliche persona around Valentine’s Day, Lover’s Day is the perfect alternative as it is not as well-known. However, it is of course still important as is everyday to tell your loved ones how you feel! But what better way to celebrate this love than with a romantic getaway to Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

When we think of celebrating Lover’s Day, we envision a romantic sunset overlooking the vineyards and sipping on a delicious glass of wine with your special someone maybe at one of the well known Calistoga wineries. April is a perfect time to travel to wine country to enjoy a Napa winery tour and embrace the valley. From winery tours, romantic restaurants, the Napa Valley Wine Train, luxurious resorts, there are plenty of incredible options for you and your loved one to choose from. Or if your significant other loves surprises, planning a surprise getaway to Napa Valley is a thoughtful way to show your love. Why not take your love to new heights and see that valley from a whole new perspective in a hot air balloon over the vineyards!

We also cannot think of anything more romantic than delicious food and wine and Napa Valley is full of world renowned restaurants and obviously incredible wineries. Some Napa wineries even offer a food pairing to accompany the wine tasting. A great location for food and wine also includes Yountville, home to the highest concentration of Michelin Star rated restaurants within six blocks of the city.

As April 23rd is quickly approaching we hoped to have convinced you that a romantic getaway to Napa or Sonoma is the perfect way to convey your love for your significant other. Resorts are offering great deals this springtime so make sure to book your stay and schedule your wine tour soon!