Platypus is a premier wine tour company in Napa Valley, presenting tours and wine tastings at pristine boutique wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma County. The best Napa Valley wine tour companies, like Platypus Wine Tours, offer delightful educational experiences to all their customers.

The outing can be a fun, join-in option with other wine lovers. Or you can thoughtfully arrange a private excursion for friends and family.

Some company leaders also organize Napa Valley Wine Tours for their teams to build camaraderie and teamwork or to reward them for another good year.

Platypus also offers its GEM Tour, a Corporate Group Transportation package that caters to the 25 to 40 guest range, and prices include transportation fees, winery tasting costs, taxes, and fuel costs.

What is a Join-In Tour?

 Each day of the year, Platypus Wine Tours offers a three-four winery tour in Napa Valley and Sonoma County. People sign up, and the tour includes friends and strangers alike.

These excursions involve Napa or Sonoma, with the host offering insights into the local wineries and growers. These tours can be strictly in Napa Valley or parts of Sonoma County.

One join-in tour involves a unique Hideaway Mountain Tour that features picturesque wineries overlooking beautiful Napa Valley.

Join-in wine tours Napa Valley are also a great way to meet new people with similar interests.


Private Tours

You can organize a carefully planned private wine tour Napa for groups of family or friends. Each step can be preplanned with Platypus assistance, and your partner, family, or friends will be delighted by the outcome.

Corporate Tours

An effective team-building exercise, a corporate or company tour through Napa Valley can be arranged. The group will be comfortably transported from one winery to the next.

While wine tours are Platypus Wine Tours’ strength, they can also arrange tours and transportation around a hiking outing or other theme. Platypus will collect your members within a reasonable distance to make sure your gathering goes well.

GEM Tours

Platypus GEM Tours are specially developed for groups 25 to 40 guest range who wish to pay one price to enjoy the whole day.

Pricing for GEM is based on the number of wineries visited, so one winery visited will be $175 per person, two wineries are $245, and three wineries will cost $295.

Contact Platypus Wine Tours

Whether you plan to join in or reserve one of Platypus Wine Tours prearranged wine tours Napa Valley, Platypus Wine Tours is the best choice. Their hosts are informative and knowledgeable, the vehicles are well-equipped and comfortable, and the wineries are hospitable.

Select your favorite choice from the Platypus broad menu of options.

Platypus Wine Tours are the safest way to tour Wine Country. Each wine tour Napa Valley will provide a memorable, educational, and enjoyable occasion.

To reserve a Platypus Wine Tour, visit the Platypus website.

If you have questions or wish to make special arrangements, call Platypus Wine Cellars at 1-707-253-2723.