A Platypus Tour Guide Shares Hidden Treasures of the Napa Valley

Posted on December 18, 2013

This Week: St. Clair Brown Winery! I will share an ancient story to start describing St. Clair Brown Winery: A man was walking on a journey, and was joined by another traveler. The first man gradually told his companion that he was carrying some riches of gold coins. The two More..

Steve Hunter: Platypus Tour Guide Shares Hidden Treasures of the Napa Valley

Posted on November 27, 2013

Each week I hope to share a “hidden treasure” from the Napa Valley with you.  The topics will include  wine discoveries that I have found intriguing.  The focus will be on small wineries in the lesser known locations.  I feel some of the best wine comes from the small producers, More..

Discover Napa In The Fall

Posted on November 20, 2013

Gone are the long days of summer where the grapevines showed off their emerald green leaves and bountiful fruit as they soaked up the sun’s rays under blue skies so bright it hurts your eyes and warm breezes that swayed the old oak trees to the rhythm of summer. That More..

Conquering Those Evil Red Wine Tannins

Posted on November 15, 2013

I confess…I have a sweet tooth. Yep, that huge tooth in the back of my mouth is my sweet tooth. I love anything sweet like cakes, pies and candy and that’s most likely why I love sweet wines such as Moscato, Riesling and some Zinfandels. When I began to explore More..

Check out Don Rickard and Jenny Toomer on GuideAdvisor

Posted on November 01, 2013

Our very own Jenny Toomer and Platypus-In-Chief himself, Don Rickard, are featured guides on GuideAdvisor. GuideAdvisor strives to provide the most comprehensive listing of guides on the planet, reaching a global audience of travellers looking for guided experiences. They believe that guides, and their relationship with travellers, are even more More..