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We’ll serve your lunch to you on the grounds of one of the wineries. While you are inside, tasting wine, we’ll set up the lunch in the picnic area of the winery. When you come out, lunch will be ready and you may sit down to eat.

This is a light & charming picnic buffet lunch. It consists of turkey deli sandwiches on a ciabatta roll,

We also serve home made fresh quinoa grain salad, sliced fruits (some combination of apples, pears, Asian pears, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry and/or watermelon), and a rolled-oat dessert cake.

Sandwich condiments are served on the side: sliced cheeses, fresh-sliced tomatoes, fresh lettuce, mustard and mayo.

No problem to accommodate vegetarians. We’ll serve a hummus sandwich. The rest of the lunch is already vegetarian. Please let us know in advance.

We are rather good at accommodating a variety of dietary needs, particularly dairy and gluten restrictions. Again, please give us a heads-up prior to your tour.

We’ll serve chilled, bottled water on the vehicle and also with the picnic lunch.

If you would like wine with lunch, you may purchase a bottle of wine at the lunch winery, they will open it for you and provide you with glasses.

Address: 360 Zinfandel Ln, St. Helena, CA 94574
Winery Description:

Susanna Kelham established Kelham Vineyards along with her two sons, Ron Nicholsen and Hamilton Nicholsen in October of 1997. The entire family have been an integral part of the Oakville heritage for well over twenty years. Together they are proud to showcase an impressive array of celebrated library wines, each bottle speaking directly to a passion that has long defined them as stewards of their craft.

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Address: 2470 Sage Canyon Rd, St. Helena, CA 94574
Winery Description:

With sweeping views of Rutherford and Lake Hennessey, this is an Italian villa at its finest. You will be transported to the old world while tasting wines made with new world innovations.

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