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Napa Valley is a vibrant community with over 80,000 residents that is highly adored all around the world by travel/wine enthusiasts. Of the estimated four million people who visit our scenic area every year, it is thought that up to 80% visit the same 20 or so wineries in Napa. Since there are over 400 Napa wineries, it isn’t difficult to figure out how to avoid the crowds and find the more intimate side – and the real charm – of the Napa Valley. Our Napa Valley Join-In Tours focus on smaller, non-touristy Napa wineries featuring unique, world-class wines and beautiful locations and scenery, providing you with a truly special experience.

Over the past decade, the city of Napa has awakened with an incredible rush of culture, art, and entertainment, embodying the true spirit of the Valley. A thriving wine and culinary scene make Napa one of the most famous wine country regions in the world.

The historical aspects of the region are evident through preserved Victorian-era architecture and Napa wineries that date back to the 1800s.

A few favorite locations in Downtown Napa include Oxbow Public Market, Main Street’s “Restaurant Row” filled with dining options, Napa’s Opera House, and many more small venues hosting live music and gatherings. Napa wineries have established tasting rooms right in the downtown so visitors can experience incredible wines while wandering the charming streets and walking along the riverfront.

The town is also host to some incredible festivals, including BottleRock music festival, Festival Napa Valley and Napa Film Fest. What can you always expect at these events? Incredible food and famous wines from Napa Valley wineries.

Explore the Charm of Napa Valley’s Diverse Regions

Napa Valley offers a tapestry of unique wine regions, each boasting its own character and specialties. Venture into the historic town of St. Helena wineries, known for their Cabernet Sauvignon production. Explore the culinary delights that Yountville wineries have to offer, where world-class dining pairs with exceptional wines. Discover the charm of Rutherford with its focus on bold and powerful Cabernet Sauvignons. Platypus Wine Tours can curate a tour that encompasses the best wineries in St. Helena, Yountville, Rutherford, and beyond, ensuring you experience the full spectrum of Napa Valley’s offerings.

Craft Your Napa Valley Wine Tasting Experience

Forget the rigid itineraries of large group tours. Platypus Wine Tours creates personalized experiences that cater to your specific desires. Indulge in exclusive Napa Valley wine tastings at hidden gem wineries. Seek out the best wine tasting in Napa for your palate, focusing on specific varietals or wineries you admire. Explore the renowned Napa California wineries alongside lesser-known producers, crafting a Napa Valley wine adventure that is truly unforgettable.

Explore Beyond the Usual Suspects: Calistoga Wineries

While Napa Valley boasts many famous wineries, venturing beyond the well-trodden path unlocks hidden gems. Don’t miss out on the charm of Calistoga wineries. Our Join-In Tours frequently visit these smaller producers, offering an intimate and unique experience. Discover why Calistoga is consistently ranked among the best places to visit for wineries near Calistoga and best wineries in Calistoga.

Unforgettable Experiences Await: Discover the Best Napa Valley Wineries

With over 400 wineries scattered across Napa Valley, choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. Platypus Wine Tours can help you craft the perfect itinerary, ensuring you visit the best Napa Valley wineries that align with your preferences. Whether you seek the revered top wineries in Napa or the breathtaking settings of the most beautiful wineries in Napa, our Join-In Tours offer a curated selection that goes beyond the usual tourist spots.

We’re thrilled that Trip Advisor consistently ranks our Napa Wine Tours as top-rated activities in the region. Make a Platypus Wine Tour reservation online now or call (707) 253-2723.

Here is a handy directory of many of wine country’s best wineries.  You can use this directory while creating a custom, Private Tour.  Please note that Join-in Tour wineries are selected by our experienced guides.

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