Coming to you with exciting news from Napa Valley and Sonoma County and a live update from the captivating rolling hills of vineyards. Mark your calendars because it is officially bud break and flowering season in the vineyards! What does this mean in terms of wine production and when grapes will be harvested? This means another step in the growing cycle has begun and the valley is full of life in the vineyards. Now each cycle of the growing process is very important to produce the wine in your glass, especially during this time of year. Each vine is diligently working around the clock to produce the grapes that later turn into the wine we all know and love from this iconic corner of the world.

During this time the sleeping vines are awakened with life with the process of “bud break.” This step in the cycle is when tiny buds emerge on the vines. These buds begin setting the stage for the main act, the grape berry. But that exciting step doesn’t occur for another few months as the vines need to properly prepare to hold those wine grapes! While the vines are in this stage, Napa wineries and Sonoma wineries are also in the process of bottling some of their wine harvest that has been fermenting in oak barrels or fermentation tanks. If you happen to be in wine country in the upcoming weeks you may have the opportunity to sneak a peak at the bottling process depending on where you go! Some private wine tours in Napa and Sonoma offer exclusive behind the scenes tours where you can get a close look at this stage.

Most people love to make their way to wine country during this time as this is when the vineyards begin to grow more and cover the valley in bright green leaves. As restaurants and places continue to open more and restrictions are lifted to allow for more tourism, Napa wineries and Sonoma wineries are ready to welcome you with open arms. While April and May may not show any grape clusters formed on the vines, the flowering stage is sure a beautiful sight to see especially during a private wine tour in Napa. One grape can potentially grow from these tiny flowers that bloom on the vines after about four weeks of vegetation. Having the opportunity to witness this part of the wine-making cycle is definitely one not to miss out on.

The valley has not quite reached its peak tourism season which is known to be later in the Summer and early Fall months. Therefore, right now is a great time to take advantage of the lower hotel rates and more availability for wine tasting reservations! Napa wineries and Sonoma wineries are offering some very unique and special wine tasting experiences as well as reopening indoor tastings at a smaller capacity. Our recommendation is of course to always call ahead to confirm availability while traveling and secure your spot on a wine tour. We hope to see you in Napa Valley and Sonoma soon!