I am challenged when it comes to telling you exactly what I’m smelling in my glass of wine. I have the habit of nodding my head in agreement when someone says that they’re picking up notes of Cassis or green pepper…..however in my head I’m thinking “I have no idea what Cassis even smells like!”  My nose is picking up something but it’s near impossible sometimes for me to identify what it is!
You begin by testing your sense of smell by sniffing your way through about 40 black glasses all filled with various items such as…cinnamon, hickory chips, mint, bacon fat etc.  All the glasses only contain items that are commonly smelled in wine. This process sounds pretty easy but oh what a challenge it was!  I sniffed…and sniffed one glass about 10 times before I finally wrote down Hazelnut ..turns out it was Soy Sauce…wow I need help!!!
Your nose will  start to talk to your brain and once that happens it’s so much easier to identify what that smell is! Then comes the true test as you walk through the wine tasting!  Bless T’Anne for her patience and her humor! She’s a wonderful at helping you through the process!  You’ll taste Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon all crafted by her winemaking family under the label of W.H. Smith Wines. My personal favorite was the 2008 Marimar Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir!
Classes are intimate, personal and loads of fun! You’ll be thrilled to find out that your nose really has not been holding out on you …it just needed a little direction!
Classes are held downtown Calistoga and are priced at $45.00 per person for a 2 hour session, but for Platypus friends T’Anne has offered a discounted rate of $35.00. Just mention Platypus when booking to receive this special rate!